A professionally compiled inventory is a binding legal document and a vital part of the letting process as it is documentary evidence of the condition and contents of a property when new tenants enter it.

An inventory will contain detailed information about your property, the décor, the fixtures and fittings, all contents, the garden and any outbuildings. At the end of each tenancy this detailed document enables accurate assessments to be made about damage and cleaning issues chargeable to the tenant.

Should there be an end of tenancy dispute the inventory will be used as the primary piece of evidence by deposit scheme arbitrators or in a court of law.

Clients have the option of receiving their inventory online or as printed and bound high impact reports.

Check In Service 
The purpose of a Check In is to ensure that the inventory contents and descriptions are correct at the time that the tenants take on the property. We will meet your tenant, carefully check through each item on the inventory and any changes or additions will be noted.

At Check In we will also provide a summary declaration of the condition of the property, including a list of keys and permits handed over to the tenants and the meter readings at time of handover.

The tenants will then sign the inventory and declaration to certify that they are happy with all comments listed. This inventory and declaration will be used at the end of the tenancy to make detailed comparisons about any changes – ie damage caused, cleaning required or replacements necessary at the tenant’s expense.

After the Check In we would recommend that the inventory is updated, clients can receive their new master copy as a digital copy or as bound high impact reports. The signed Check In copy of the inventory and declaration will also be forwarded to the client for retaining until the end of the tenancy. 

Check Out Reports 
The purpose of a Check Out is to conduct a detailed inspection of the property at the end of a tenancy. We will assess any damage or cleaning issues, check for missing items, and take keys, forwarding address details and final meter readings.

We will then provide a detailed report listing our findings with photographic evidence of any serious issues and suggestions for compensation costs or other action required to return the property to the correct standard.

Should the tenants or the landlord have any issues with any aspect of the report, we will also mediate with both parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.

Clients will have their report within 48 working hours of the inspection and have the option, at no extra charge, to receive two hard copies if required.







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